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Route 66 - chapter 001 
14th-Feb-2012 10:35 am
Title: Route 66

Chapter: [1/?]
Authors: yamap_oukoku
Rating: PG-13 topped with some hot n creamy NC-17
Pairing: Tegoshi Yuya / Yamashita Tomohisa

Genre: adventure, romance, fluff, smut
 (Well, everything you can expect from my/our Tegopi^^ )

Disclaimer: Sadly, still don't own the boys as you already know.
....that’s what I want you to think ^_~

Yamapi goes America. No actually, TegoPi goes America ~ Yuya convinced Yamapi to let him tag along when he goes abroad for the filming of his latest TV coverage.

Why don’t you come with us and see what fun the boys will discover on their journey across the country?^^

A/N: Lines in italic writing are supposed to be Yamapi’s POV / thoughts .

Tokyo to Chicago )

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