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テゴピ LOVE

.:: A Lovers' Journey ::.

テゴピ 愛 - Spreading the TegoPi Love
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? Fast Facts: TEGOPI_KISSU

? Created by cess_chan to unite TegoPi fans and at the same time, meet other TegoPi shippers; and for the fans to be able to share something to other fans about the fandom.

? tegopi_kissu is a community dedicated to Tegoshi Yuya x Yamashita Tomohisa (TegoPi) pairing that offers fanfictions and other fanmade stuffs for TegoPi shippers.

? Living out the RULES

? Support the TegoPi pairing as OTP/friendship/sempai-kouhai love/or any other relationship that displays the Tegoshi x Yamashita love-adoration-affection.

? JOIN the community to be able to post and comment.

? All posts should be related to TegoPi and/or to Yamashita Tomohisa, Tegoshi Yuya and may also include NEWS as well.

? Please use the correct TAGS in every post you make.

? Use LJ-cut for longer entries/large images.

? Sales post are allowed but please, make it sure that it has something to do with this pairing [e.g.fanmade button pins/shirts/etc].

? RESPECT other fans/members. No bashing or flaming please. This community is created to unite TegoPi supporters and not to make everybody's life here just like hell.

? Lastly, don't forget to Spread the TegoPi love!


? tegopi_drabbles


? wasurenaisa
? news_jpop
? je_philippines
? massu_pi
? tegonyan_daily

? Contacts & Credits

? CREATOR: cess_chan (tesshitenshi@yahoo.com)
? MODERATOR: yamapi_oukoku

? refuted for the Layout Style Sheet.

? profile_layout for profile layout style sheet.

? Layout banner by yamap_oukoku.

? Profile header by cess_chan.


ღ Vol.69 ღ

So cool! I love you! I've fallen in love with you!

-Tegoshi's message to YamaPi.

ღ Vol.70 ღ
Then let's go out.

-YamaPi's message to Tegoshi.

ღ Vol.93 ღ
I've seen Yamashita-kun on TV before, when you were a Jr. in elem. school and junior high. I think even then you shined. Very cool ♥

-Tegoshi's message to YamaPi.

ღ Vol.94 ღ
Not as cool as you, baby.

-YamaPi's message to Tegoshi.

- From Wink Up.